Dubrovnik for the Disabled and Health-Restricted

Dubrovnik's Old Town is a pedestrian-only area, and mobility of visitors is an important consideration when choosing accommodation.

Disabled visitors, or visitors with mobility or health impairments, are very welcome at Rose of Dubrovnik, but are cautioned to read through the following guide on the terrain of each suburb or district of Dubrovnik.

Being an old town, dating back hundreds of years, paths are often uneven, and steps (and in many instances, many steps) are de rigeur in many parts of the inner city and Old Town. The Old Town has been lovingly and sympathetically restored following the damage by war and other calamities over the many centuries. Lifts were not invented in the middle ages, and guests are advised to book accommodation accordingly, and always ask specifics of each accommodation in terms of accessibility. For guests with mobility limitations, and requiring car access to the door of accommodation, this is better sought in either the districts of Lapad, Gruz, or the close regional towns, with some exceptions in the inner circle of properties. Visitors with skeletal, joint, nervous, heart, lung conditions are advised to seek advice when enquiring. The Summer warmth should also be a consideration for visitors with health restrictions, with many return visitors opting for the mellower weather during April and September/October.

Listed here are accommodations we can recommend for those experiencing some mobility difficulties, and needing to minimize steps: