Cat Among Pigeons, Rodeorose

Our visitors find that any time of year is a great time to visit Dubrovnik, as there always seems to be magic brewing around the corner in the Old captured above by photographer RodeoRose in her awarded capture titled Cat Among Pigeons, which she took in one of our many narrow cafe-lined streets, right in the Old Town.

At Rose of Dubrovnik, in addition to being the specialists in holiday accommodation in Dubrovnik, we are also love to share our knowledge and passion for our beautiful and unique city. At Rose of Dubrovnik, we receive many inquiries from first-time visitors, and have compiled this guide just for the first-time visitor to Dubrovnik.

You will find all sorts of useful information and tips below, and at Rose of Dubrovnik, we encourage you to relax and enjoy every part of your visit with us, including the planning of your visit. Dubrovnik holds so much beauty, legend, history, and passion, you have chosen one of the most romantic destinations in the world today, and having done so, the biggest decision about this holiday has been made already, Dubrovnik itself will do the rest! Scroll down for a great introduction to one of the most inspiring travel destinations today. What you don't find below, please feel welcome to contact us and we will be thrilled to share our expert local knowledge of Dubrovnik with you!

Dubrovnik Beaches


Dalmatian beaches have been appreciated as being among the world's best cleanest by the world's most knowledgeable and experienced mariners, including Jacques Cousteau, the legend himself! We pride ourselves on our natural heritage, and do our best to resist the pressures to succumb to the huge coastal developments. We see ourselves as caretakers of one of the world's most amazing and welcoming coastlines, and love to share our beaches with all who respect their fragile beauty. Many of our beaches are pebbly or rocky, which underlies the incredible clarity and visibility to depths of even fifteen meters in some parts Dalmatia- you'll feel as akin to Alice diving through the green looking glass! We also enjoy some of the world's prettiest sand beaches, with the beach at Sunj (pron.: Shoon-y.), on the island of Lopud ( pron.: Low-pood) being a very pleasant and relaxing day trip across from Dubrovnik on the ferry.

In Dubrovnik itself, the most popular and trendy beaches include in Ploce, overlooking the Old Town, the East West Beach Club, or Banje ( pron.: Bun-yeh)Beach, and the dramatically beautiful beach of Sv.Jakov (St.James); all around the Old Town you catch glimpses through manholes in the fortress walls leading to a set of inviting steps, and into the sea; the family-friendly beaches at Lapad; the chill-out beaches at Babin Kuk ( pron.: bubbin kook, and translates as Nana's hip) ; and nearby the popular beaches at Cavtat( pron.:Tsuv-tut ) , Plat ( pron.: Plaht), Mlini, Srebreno ( pron.: Sreb-ren-oh) to the South; to the north Zaton Mali( pron.: Zah-tonne Mul-y), and the Peljesac Peninsula(pron.: Pel-ye-shuts), and just an endless choice of swimming beaches on the nearby surrounding islands!



Rocky beaches will sometimes have a concreted approach or steps into the sea, which we locals have learnt to appreciate  as a way of avoiding tiny sea urchins that often wait in the freshest of shallow water and rocks with their spiny calling cards! Don't forget your "crocs"  here- waterproof beach footwear are an ideal accessory to pack for your trip here.

Our beaches are such a deeply ingrained part of our national psyche, and the year round warmth of the sea has meant that swimming pools are not as common a part of the local culture as some of visitors expect, however, our landlords are always ready to strive to fulfill our visitors' preferences, and pools are becoming a more frequent addition to our properties. Many of the hotels will welcome visitors to their pools at a modest charge, such as the hotels in Lapad.

When to visit Dubrovnik

Our high season now extends from mid May through to mid September, and crowds on the roads and beaches peak in July and August. 


April and October are often still warm enough to afford good swimming conditions, with sea temperature reaching above 20 degrees.

Winter can also be an inspiring time to visit, with dramatic colors and conditions, without the crowds, that many photographers, poets, and romantic souls prefer. Only three and a half hours' drive away, are the former Olympic ski slopes of Sarajevo. Growing rapidly in popularity and foreign interest, the skiing is increasingly popular here each Winter. What better Winter duet- imagine skiing the slopes of Sarajevo in the morning, and basking in the Winter sun, while sipping warm toddies overlooking the Old Town harbor after lunch!


Getting to Dubrovnik

See our tips on all forms of transport, (including driving, buses, ferries, planes, and trains) into Dubrovnik, with links to timetables, at our webpage Dubrovnik and Transport.  Inquire also about our excellent value transfers to the door of your accommodation.

What to wear

In the warmer months, a wide-brimmed hat, and rubber-soled sandals will be your most welcome attire. Daytime mode is sporty casual, with Summer chic coming to the fore as twilight approaches on the Placa or Stradun and Lapad's famous promenade, and the locals and visitors all come out in the cooling evening air, to strut their stuff, see, and be seen.

Currency: Croatia's local currency is the kuna. ATM's are available at many locations all around the Old Town and surrounding districts.

Language: Naturally, Croatian is spoken in most homes in Dubrovnik, but you will find most locals able to converse in at least English. Efforts by visitors to speak Croatian will be welcomed warmly!

Recommended Restaurants, Cool Bars and Hot Spots in Dubrovnik! On booking, you will receive a list of our recommendations as locals for the best seafood and wine-tasting in Dubrovnik, plus Rose of Dubrovnik Discount vouchers entitling you and your party to discounts during your visit!

Dubrovnik Climate through the year

Dubrovnik is blessed with a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, and enjoys over 3000 hours of sunshine annually, or over 300 days! Summers are warm, and July and August temperatures peak in the high 30's, and average 25 degrees. Otherwise, Winters are mild, but often rainy, and snow is a fleeting sighting we see every couple of years , but remember long after.