Rose of Dubrovnik is a family business, operating since 2003, and based in Dubrovnik. We specialize in private rental accommodation in Dubrovnik, consisting of apartments and villas in and around Dubrovnik. Our aim is to offer you an authentic experience of our city, of today, & yesteryear,& share our passion for our home town of Dubrovnik with you! We also are pleased to be representing the local property and real estate market, and Meliha will be delighted to answer all your questions, should you be looking to sell, or wishing to buy property and real estate in Dubrovnik.

We welcome you on arrival to find us at our new Rose of Dubrovnik premises, just in the Old Town, at Od Puča 16. Here we will be able to assist you in:

  • liaising with your Host,  
  • local VIP Tours by car or by boat, 
  • group bus tours, 
  • car rental, 
  • skippered boat charter, and 
  • finalize arrangements for airport transfers to Dubrovnik or Split airports.

For Rose of Dubrovnik Guests, we offer a luggage hold on arrival and departure days. 

Behind the scenes are true locals who call Dubrovnik home, Meliha Taslaman. Rose of Dubrovnik has fast evolved to become one of the foremost, trusted and recognizable private rental agencies specializing in Dubrovnik. Our properties are owned by local families, seeking to welcome you to our uniquely beautiful city. We work with over a hundred local Dubrovnik families to offer our guests personalized service.

Dubrovnik has always been recognized as a great romantic destination of our times, filled with elegance, history, and natural beauty. George Bernard Shaw declared Dubrovnik as Paradise on Earth, and even as locals, we can never take Dubrovnik's beauty for granted. She is a pearl!