The city of Dubrovnik, local population just less than 45000, is situated in the narrow strip of shore between the sea and the steep slope of Mount Srd ( pron.: Serge), which peaks above Dubrovnik at 412 meters. Visitors should prepare themselves for the famous steps of Dubrovnik, and inclines, and it is the very slopes that are the secret behind the many vantage points that afford visitors so many magnificent panoramas of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands and sea. Mobility and level of fitness are very important consideration when choosing accommodation in Dubrovnik, and the timing of your visit. (see further notes below)

Choosing the best accommodation when visiting Dubrovnik is to a large extent determined by individual requirements and preferences. It should be appreciated that, in general , the accommodations that afford the best views are those situated higher on the mountain and hills. It is also important to remember that among the essential  charms of Dubrovnik , it is our authentic history that attracts visitors, and so for the contemporary tourist and visitor, this means that one should anticipate narrow passageways and staircases, and at times strenuous walks and climbs, rather than elevators, wide roadways, or modern conveniences. It is vital to check with your Host or booking agent to ensure your accommodation suits your level of fitness and mobility requirements.

Otherwise, being a relatively compact city, no matter where you book your accommodation, whether in the Old Town or in Gruz or Lapad, you are never far from the unique attractions that have you daydreaming about our beautiful city for some time in advance of arriving here. It takes less than ten minutes by car to traverse our city-limits, and the local bus network is reliable, affordable, and a great way to engage with the locals and feel the pulse of our hometown. Parking restrictions should be carefully confirmed for those wishing to drive here, while cab pricing should also be ascertained in advance to avoid misunderstandings. Your choice of where to stay will be governed by what type of holiday you are wishing to enjoy. See below for some useful tips.

  • The Old Town ("Stari Grad")

    Looking for the  color and verve of the Old Town and international crowds, then we suggest accommodation in the Old Town itself. The Old Town is encircled within the famous and imposing Fortress Walls, just 2 and a half kilometers circumference, within which you can enjoy pedestrian-only access, and a world on its own.

    The Old Town
  • Ploce (pron.: Ploch-eh)

    Elegant and at a quick walking distance (though uphill on return to accommodation), and with the most classic of views (see photo at left). Easy reach to the East West Beach Club, and the trendy Sv.Jakov beach.

  • Pile (pron.: Pill-eh)

    Perhaps you still wish to be within a few minutes walk,  but enjoy more park and garden settings, and  views of the northern aspect and Lovriejnac Fortress, then Pile is the place to look. View above is taken from fortress walls, looking over Pile to the north.

  • Lapad (pron.: La-pud)

    Just five to ten minutes by bus, or a half hour's walk away is Lapad- one of Dubrovnik's favourite destinations for our return guests, who enjoy the relaxed pace, the huge range of beaches, the famous promenade, the restaurants, and boutiques.

  • Gruz (pron.: Gruzh)

    While in Gruz, you find yourself above the busy harbour and yacht marina, and the locals' favourite colourful  marketplace.

  • Regional Dubrovnik-Neretva County

    Rose of Dubrovnik also offers a great range of options for accommodations in Southern Dalmatian regional towns and islands, for that ultimately relaxing experience - nothing quite beats one's own private beach and the pristine waters of the Southern Adriatic, and Korcula ( pron.: Korchul-ah), Ston, Peljesac (pron.: Pel-ye-shuts), Zaton (pron.: Za-tonne ), Plat (pron.: Pl-aht), Mlini (pron.: Mliny), and the Elefits (pron.: Eleh-fit) Islands beckon like sirens to all who want to be mesmerized once again by nature.

    Regional Dubrovnik-Neretva County
  • Dubrovnik for the Disabled and Health-Restricted

    Dubrovnik's Old Town is a pedestrian-only area, and mobility of visitors is an important consideration when choosing accommodation.

    Dubrovnik for the Disabled and Health-Restricted
  • Dubrovnik hotels

    For visitors preferring hotel accommodation, Dubrovnik offers a range of world class hotels, and Rose of Dubrovnik recommends the Maestrali group of hotels situated in beautiful, relaxed, beach-side Lapad.

    Dubrovnik hotels