Villa Zucchero is situated at Sipan, island near Dubrovnik. It's perfect for relaxing, get-away-from-the-crowd vacation due to it's full privacy and high-end standard.  

The only thing that separates Villa and the seawater pool from the crystal clear sea is a large private garden. That way, guests can choose between enjoying the private deep pool or swimming on the lovely public beach just few minutes walking distance. The pool-terrace ends with outside kitchen/barbecue place and dinning table. The Villa is suitable for beautiful outside dinner with pool party afterward due to the fact there are almost no neighbors. There is also a roof-terrace with marvelous view over the bay and nearby islands, half of the terrace is covered for colder evenings.

Villa is new, with combination of traditional and modern design, and it's fully air-conditioned. There are three kitchens and rooms have access to balconies and terraces. It's located on the edge of the small car-free village where everything you need (grocery shop, coffee shops, romantic tavern etc.) is just few minutes walking distance.

Sipan is largest of the three Elaphiti Islands, northwest of Dubrovnik. It's famous for its numerous palm tree species that grows on the island and by the domestic products people make in their homes. The ferry goes to Dubrovnik 5 times a day.  

Special offer from June 28th until August 29th for guests that want to book 7 days; the total price is 4347 EUR, and if they book more than 7 days; the price is 621 EUR per day.